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Buying a beautiful diamond

ally —  December 8, 2015

SparkleIn our previous post we warned against buying diamonds online. The speed with which you can purchase items as well as the possibility of a bargain, is tempting but don’t be fooled. As a follow-up to that post here is a quick overview of the key factors you need to consider when buying a beautiful diamond.


Grading a diamonds exact colour is impossible once it has been set into a ring. We also can’t be sure of the certification at this stage which is why buying from a reputable and trusted jeweller is advised. They will have checked this information before buying the diamond loose which then gives you piece of mind that you are buying a beautiful diamond.


If you look at a beautiful diamond under magnification you expect it to be attractive to the eye. Aesthetics are key and can vary dramatically with clarity rating. The eye is the best way to assess a diamonds visual appeal and plays a major role despite the differences in clarity rating. It’s best to have an expert opinion., and of course see the stone before you buy it.  A small mark or inclusion in the wrong place on a diamond will mean that it could be visible to the naked eye.  Something that should be avoided at all costs.  Every time the wearer looks at the diamond their eye will be drawn to this mark and it really will ruin the diamonds beauty and appeal.  “A Diamond Must Be Seen”

Cut & Carat

diamond cut examples

When buying a beautiful diamond, size does matter. One tenth of a millimetre can often be the difference between what is beautiful and what is not. The relationship between carat weight and physical size is of vital importance. The standard size for a 1 carat round diamond, should be around 6.3 – 6.5mm. If the 1 carat stone you are buying is 6.2mm or less, then we would advise you to not buy that diamond.  We would also suggest a smaller diamond with excellent symmetry, excellent polish and excellent proportions and a good colour maybe F or G over a larger stone that on the face of it seems good value but basically doesn’t sparkle because of poor its poor cut.  Again we say it “A Diamond Must Be seen”

Unfortunately there are a large amounts of poorly cut diamonds on the market. One of the major issues with buying a bargain diamond online is that you are most likely buying something that is sub-standard and not as valuable as you may have been led to believe.  A badly proportioned and cut diamond will probably have a very attractive and tempting price tag, but be assured its fire and scintillation won’t be attractive and it just won’t sparkle.  How you will know this before you buy it online, well you just won’t, and what beauty will a diamond have if it doesn’t sparkle!  “A Diamond Must Be Seen”

marquise-poor-cuts edit


Certification of a diamond can vary between different labs and the source of certification is important in ascertaining the true quality of the diamond. Your trusted local jeweller will be able to advise you on this and will have a knowledge of reputable laboratories that have worldwide recognition.  Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland can advise you on these key factors so that you know you are buying a beautiful diamond, indeed when you see it, the diamond will speak for itself.

Buying a beautiful diamond

When buying a beautiful diamond you must consider it’s source. As we’ve seen there are so many crucial factors to consider that we cannot urge you strongly enough to speak to a local jeweller with a good reputation who you can trust. As we said in our previous post, a diamond is a beautiful thing that should be seen and admired, but shouldn’t just be purchased like a commodity on the internet.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland can offer you the expert and trusted advice on diamonds and will be glad to help as you consider adding some sparkle to your life.