Pressure testing a water resistant watch – Robert Adair Ballymena

mcc —  August 13, 2014

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena can perform pressure tests on Water resistant watches to ensure that they are still performing well. For a small extra charge Robert Adair Jewellers can test watches after they have had batteries replaced or after any other work has been done. Most good quality watches are water resistant but through time and certainly after a battery change the seals can be compromised, so after a new battery has been fitted it is important that the case is resealed and pressure tested with the correct equipment.  This is vitally important if the watch is used in water on a regular basis

Robert Adair Jewellers are one of the few Jewellers who have a watchmaker on the premises with the knowledge and equipment to pressure test and reseal your water resistant watch.


Pressure testing is a complex process which takes many steps and can only be carried out by a trained professional. Your watch is sealed into a chamber where air is pumped in, and the watch is monitored as the air pressure rises.

If you have invested in a Rolex or other quality watch which offers water resistance then be sure to use Robert Adair Jewellers for any work or battery changes that you may need. This will ensure that your watch is performing in the way it should and that your water resistance hasn’t been compromised by any work that has been done.

Bring your watch to Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena to ensure that it is pressure tested and performing as well as the day you bought it.

Robert Adair Jewellers, Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

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