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Cash for Gold – Ballymena

mcc —  October 3, 2016

In Ballymena you can get Cash for Gold at Robert Adair Jewellers. Robert Adair Jewellers offer top prices for any of your unwanted gold jewellery. Robert Adair Jewellers have been in business for over 60 years and are a trustworthy and reputable place to take your unwanted gold.

Cash for Gold - Ballymena

Cash for Gold – Ballymena. How does it work?

IMG_3783-NEW-SIGNAGE-1024x488Robert Adair Jewellers offer excellent prices for scrap gold and unwanted jewellery. Just pop into the shop on Mill Street Ballymena with any broken, damaged or unwanted jewellery. 

We will carry out an examination and sort your jewellery out into the various qualities of gold. Any pieces which aren’t hallmarked will be tested so that we can offer you a fair price. The gold will then be weighed and we will make you an excellent offer based on that particular days gold price.

Please remember to bring along photographic ID (passport, driving license etc) so that we can complete the purchase of your gold without delay.

Remember- because we sell pre-owned jewellery we will be able to offer above basic scrap gold prices for better quality pieces which we can then re-sell.

If you have any unwanted gold or broken jewellery then consider bringing it down to Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena. You can find us on Mill Street (see map above) and we are open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm.

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring is a massive investment. In Northern Ireland Jewellers such as Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena can give you advice about diamonds, jewellery and top quality gifts.

Diamonds have been associate with engagement rings for many years. In fact diamonds became popular in the 1800’s but were still out of reach for most normal working people. At that time engagement rings featured intricate designs and lesser gem stones. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that clever marketing men who came up with the slogan “Diamonds are Forever”. Since then we have always associated diamonds with the ultimate sophistication, and timeless class.

Buying diamonds can be daunting and for most of us it will be a one time experience. Being informed about how diamonds are classified will help you to know that you are buying the best.

Robert Adair Jewellers have a great Diamond guide on their website which helps buyers to understand Clarity. Clarity refers to flaws, blemishes or inclusions of a diamond. The table below shows how diamonds are graded according to clarity.

Diamond Engagement Ring - Northern Ireland

Knowing these terms will help you to get the very best diamond for your money. Before looking into engagement rings be sure to set your budget – know what you can afford and have a look at what is on offer. Remember that you can also buy the diamond separately and have a setting designed. A bespoke diamond engagement ring will make for the ultimate proposal. In Northern Ireland Ballymena based Robert Adair Jewellers can show you the beautiful rings in their showroom and also help you to find a designer who will provide a bespoke creation for your loved one.


Please click here to find out more about Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena and about their diamond engagement rings.

How to buy the perfect Watch

mcc —  April 21, 2016

A Watch is a great present and a fashion statement in its own right. Recently it has become fashionable to wear oversized styles and Rose Gold has been the material of choice. However we are sure the the trends are set to change very soon.

How to buy the perfect Watch

We love this beautiful two tone watch from Tissot which uses silver along with white for a modern and clean look.

But, besides fashion what other factor should you think about when you are buying a watch?

How to buy the perfect Watch

  • Consider the material. We love this watch because it looks pretty but we also know that it is made from durable and tough materials. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials to be used in watch manufacture. It is attractive and resists both tarnish and discoloration. Titanium is another great material which has all the durability of stainless steel but is much lighter.
  • Consider what type of band suits you. Metal bands are great but cannot be adjusted unless you take them along to your jeweller. A leather band is great as it can be adjusted as needed but, unlike a metal band, you will need to replace this as the years wear on. If your strap is made from a synthetic material be aware that it may cause you strap to give you a sweaty wrist.
  • Classic or sports? A Sports watch has extra features and durability built into the design to make sure that it is going to be able to be worn outdoors. Sports watches can have all sorts of high tech features which include more mechanisms and sometimes that means that there is more to go wrong.
  • Thinking of a Luxury Watch? Luxury watches can be a great investment and are a good heirloom which can be handed down through the years. A fine gold watch will always look good, or consider bands which tend to hold their value well such as a Rolex. Rolexes can even be resold in the future at Jewellers such as Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
  • Think outside the box. If you want a timepiece that will cause conversation then think of something unique like a pocket watch.



When buying a watch there are lots of things which are worth considering. Budget will obviously be one big factor but visiting a Jewellers like Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena you will get the chance to browse all their makes and models, try them on and benefit from the expertise of their staff. Robert Adair Jewellers, Ballymena is located on Mill Street.



Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena sell a huge range of wedding rings. Of all the purchases you will make for your special day the wedding ring will be the one item that you will probably wear every day, so it is an Important investment and Robert Adair Jewellers have lots of helpful advice on their website to help you make a decision.

Wedding Rings from Robert Adair Jewellers

The Robert Adair Jewellers website has a selection of guides which can be really helpful for any Bride and Groom who are picking out their rings.

  • Finger Ring Size Guide – This guide is printable and gives you a good idea of what your ring size should be. It should only be used as a guide but it can be really useful if your partner travels or works a lot and is unable to visit the jewellers with you. Just check their size at home, and you can call in with your jeweller to get a better idea of what is available. Click here to use the Robert Adair Jewellers Ring Size Guide.


  • Diamond Quality Guide – Robert Adair Jewellers is known for beautiful diamond however it can be difficult to know what diamond is best, especially if you are on a budget. This guide helps you to get the best for your money and will give you a good background into all the things that you should be looking for. At Robert Adair Jewellers the staff will also give you some great advice about which diamond is best for you. Click here to use the Robert Adair Jewellers Diamond Quality Guide. 

One other important thing to bear in mind when buying your ring is to allow time for adjustments, engraving or the order to be made. Your Jeweller may have to order a special size or resize a ring to make it the perfect fit. This can take anything from 2 -8 weeks so you shouldn’t leave shopping for rings too late. Remember that once you have chosen your ring the jeweller will still want you to call in closer to the wedding to check for any last minute adjustments that are required to the sizing etc.


Robert Adair Jewellers have all this information on their website which you can view here. They feature lots of different articles with advice about everything from watches, precious metals, engagement rings and of course wedding rings. If you are looking for a wedding ring call in to Robert Adair Jewellers which is located in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

At Christmas Jewellery is a great gift. It is special, can be treasured forever and, lets face it, it is really good fun picking out the perfect piece for your loved one. But this year you may find yourself running out of idea. If so consider heading to a local Jeweller who can offer something that most retailers cant.

For example, Head to Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena and not only will you have the pick of the most top quality ranges of jewellery, watches and keepsakes but they will engrave it with a personalised message and even gift wrap it too.

Why personalised jewellery is the perfect Christmas giftWhy personalised jewellery is the perfect Christmas gift

Engraving a piece of jewellery turns it into a gift that your loved one will never forget. They will treasure it forever – inscribe it with your names, and love note or a special date. A Ring, a watch, even a hip flask – get the best for your money and get it personalised at Robert Adair Jewellers. Their showroom is on Mill Street in Ballymena and if you call in to buy your Christmas gifts they will even wrap your special gifts too. So this Christmas don’t settle for just jewellery – add a special personalised gift which will make it a gift to treasure forever.

It’s possible to buy anything imaginable online now, from our weekly shopping to shoes, clothes and of course jewellery. There is no real risk involved with the purchase of many goods online but, here at Jewellery Latest we have to issue a caution.

Please think twice before buying diamonds online. A DIAMOND MUST BE SEEN!

SparkleThe beauty of a diamond is subjective and can be a difficult thing to explain fully. The grade of a diamond on a certificate only confirms the characteristics of the stone but not its beauty fire and scintillation. To determine this a diamond has to be seen. A diamond should not be treated like a commodity and be purchased on the basis of technical information on a piece of paper. Purchasing a diamond should be considered, researched and aided with the help of an expert.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland can advise you on the key factors when buying a diamond. The most important being the diamonds cut and colour.

In our next post we will go into a little more detail for you regarding the cut and colour and the other two “Cs” clarity and carat. A quick glance at the image below gives you an idea of just how varied diamond quality can be from the cut alone.

Remember to think twice before buying diamonds online. A diamond must be seen.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland can offer expert and trusted advice on diamonds and will be glad to help as you consider adding some sparkle to your life.

Reverie Diamonds – Northern Ireland

mcc —  September 18, 2015

Reverie Diamonds are a new range of diamond rings and they are available in Northern Ireland. The rings are made by expert craftsmen and with the best of materials and precious metals. A Reverie Diamond ring really is a dream come true.

Reverie Diamonds – Northern IrelandR1010D1 KG9W-1

Each Reverie Diamond ring is beautifully made using the most precious materials. Each diamond has been carefully selected for its beauty and character, providing the owner with their very own unique Reverie Diamond ring. Although diamonds are the most romantic and precious of gemstones, that should not mean that they also have to be the most costly.

Reverie Diamonds have an extraordinary setting, created to provide the most supreme and ultimate sparkle, in which a diamond weight of 1 carat will produce the dazzling look of a 3 carat diamond.

Reverie Rings are cleverly constructed to make the most of your diamond. The way the diamonds are set and the design of the jewellery makes the diamond look larger than it is and with lots of sparkle!

If you are buying an engagement ring or a diamond ring for a special occasion it can be difficult to know which diamonds have been responsibly source and which haven’t. When you buy from Reverie Diamonds you can be confident that you diamond has been mined in a responsible way and that it has come from a reputable supplier.

Prices are from £1500 to £3500 and Reverie Diamond rings are available in all precious metals. Reverie Diamond rings are stocked by Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Diamond Ring – Northern Ireland

mcc —  August 20, 2015

Nothing can beat a beautiful Diamond ring and Robert Adair Jewellers in Northern Ireland are now stocking a beautiful diamond brand which is a must see. Reverie Diamond rings offer you more for your money. They use beautiful diamonds, gold and platinum to create rings which are simply stunning. Perfect for an engagement, eternity ring or just a thoughtful gift.

Diamond Ring – Northern Ireland

Reverie Diamond offers a unique diamond setting in which a collection of cleverly set smaller diamonds create a convincing look of one large diamond. That means that a 1.00ct diamond rings give a dazzling and convincing look of a 3.00ct diamond and a 0.50ct diamond rings give a dazzling and convincing look of a 1.5ct diamond.


The creator of Reverie Diamond shares this about the history or the company;

The roots of Reverie Diamond begin at the turn of the twentieth century, when my great grandfather travelled through Europe as a fine diamond dealer. While his colleagues were developing what we know today as the eight main single diamond cuts, my great grandfather dreamt of offering beautiful diamond rings that did not carry enormous price tags. From these principles came the vision to create a setting that would enable an elegant array of smaller diamonds to sparkle as one large diamond.

Continuing his legacy and following that same philosophy, I have developed the brand you see today.

Reverie Diamond was born.

These beautiful rings are all from Reverie Diamond. Reverie Diamond is available in 9kt and 18kt gold. Platinum is available on special order.A Reverie Diamond is a perfect purchase if you want a big look solitaire for a fraction of the price of a large diamond. If you would like to find out more about a Reverie Diamond ring call in to Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Fathers Day Gifts are hard to choose but we at Jewellery Latest know that a Watch is better than another year of socks and aftershave. Your dad could enjoy a new watch and he could treasure it for life. 

A Nato Strap adds an edge to the Tissot Quickster

Trendsetters will be delighted to hear that the Tissot Quickster has received a cool new update. It is now available on a NATO strap, a practical and stylish accessory that can effortlessly withstand extreme circumstances while still looking good. The style of the strap owes its name to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The canvas straps have an illustrious history – used by British pilots and the army in the Second World War, they were toughened up by replacing the typical spring bar attachments with fixed bars fused into place. This meant that only one piece of fabric was needed for the strap, so if one of the bars should break under the pressure of combat, the watch would stay on the wrist as one side would remain attached to the case. This easy functionality adds a new dynamic to the Tissot Quickster, fortifying the popular piece and adding a very desirable aesthetic that’s casual, tough and trendy. A straightforward design uses a hardy fabric and stainless steel buckle fro no-frills look, while a range of colours means wearers can choose the colour that best reflects their personality.

 Fathers Day Gifts - Tissot Watch Northern IrelandFathers Day Gifts - Tissot Watch Northern Ireland

The blue and white version comes with two straps and is priced at £250.00  The other model has a sporty red and black strap is £290.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland have a comprehensive range of Tissot watches. This year Fathers Day is celebrated in Northern Ireland on Sunday 21st June. Give something special with a designer watch.

Visiting a Jeweller in Northern Ireland for you Fathers Day gift this year might open a whole new range of gifts which you had never thought of.

Fathers Day Gifts – Advice from Robert Adair Jewellers

Fathers Day Gifts - Advice from Robert Adair Jewellers

Robert Adair in Ballymena is a Jewellers which stock lots of thoughtful gifts which your father can treasure for the years to come. Stuart at Robert Adair Jewellers shares his favourite alternative fathers day gifts;

  • Get your father’s favourite photograph of the family and invest in a beautiful sterling silver photo frame. A local printer should be able to print you photo at the correct size, or you could even print it at home.
  • A tie clip, money clip, ring or bracelet is a lovely gift to receive. Make is a little more special by adding a personalised message engraved onto it. That sort of extra touch is exactly what you cannot get on the High street and shows that you have put time, and effort into picking the right piece and just the right text. A simple message is perfect and something which your father will have forever.
  • Gift wrapping is something which makes the whole gift giving experience special. Who isn’t intrigued by a small beautifully wrapped package? Don’t just deliver your Fathers Day gift in a plastic bag with the receipt still inside. Take the extra time to present your gift properly. Pick a plain paper in a bold colour and finish with a simple ribbon.

Shopping for Fathers Day gifts should be an enjoyable process. Call in to your local jeweller to see what they have to offer and give the sock and aftershave a break for this year. Invest in a present which will mean as much to your father as he means to you with the help of Stuart Adair’s advice here at Jewellery Latest.