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How to buy the perfect Watch

mcc —  April 21, 2016

A Watch is a great present and a fashion statement in its own right. Recently it has become fashionable to wear oversized styles and Rose Gold has been the material of choice. However we are sure the the trends are set to change very soon.

How to buy the perfect Watch

We love this beautiful two tone watch from Tissot which uses silver along with white for a modern and clean look.

But, besides fashion what other factor should you think about when you are buying a watch?

How to buy the perfect Watch

  • Consider the material. We love this watch because it looks pretty but we also know that it is made from durable and tough materials. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials to be used in watch manufacture. It is attractive and resists both tarnish and discoloration. Titanium is another great material which has all the durability of stainless steel but is much lighter.
  • Consider what type of band suits you. Metal bands are great but cannot be adjusted unless you take them along to your jeweller. A leather band is great as it can be adjusted as needed but, unlike a metal band, you will need to replace this as the years wear on. If your strap is made from a synthetic material be aware that it may cause you strap to give you a sweaty wrist.
  • Classic or sports? A Sports watch has extra features and durability built into the design to make sure that it is going to be able to be worn outdoors. Sports watches can have all sorts of high tech features which include more mechanisms and sometimes that means that there is more to go wrong.
  • Thinking of a Luxury Watch? Luxury watches can be a great investment and are a good heirloom which can be handed down through the years. A fine gold watch will always look good, or consider bands which tend to hold their value well such as a Rolex. Rolexes can even be resold in the future at Jewellers such as Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
  • Think outside the box. If you want a timepiece that will cause conversation then think of something unique like a pocket watch.



When buying a watch there are lots of things which are worth considering. Budget will obviously be one big factor but visiting a Jewellers like Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena you will get the chance to browse all their makes and models, try them on and benefit from the expertise of their staff. Robert Adair Jewellers, Ballymena is located on Mill Street.



Fathers Day Gifts are hard to choose but we at Jewellery Latest know that a Watch is better than another year of socks and aftershave. Your dad could enjoy a new watch and he could treasure it for life. 

A Nato Strap adds an edge to the Tissot Quickster

Trendsetters will be delighted to hear that the Tissot Quickster has received a cool new update. It is now available on a NATO strap, a practical and stylish accessory that can effortlessly withstand extreme circumstances while still looking good. The style of the strap owes its name to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The canvas straps have an illustrious history – used by British pilots and the army in the Second World War, they were toughened up by replacing the typical spring bar attachments with fixed bars fused into place. This meant that only one piece of fabric was needed for the strap, so if one of the bars should break under the pressure of combat, the watch would stay on the wrist as one side would remain attached to the case. This easy functionality adds a new dynamic to the Tissot Quickster, fortifying the popular piece and adding a very desirable aesthetic that’s casual, tough and trendy. A straightforward design uses a hardy fabric and stainless steel buckle fro no-frills look, while a range of colours means wearers can choose the colour that best reflects their personality.

 Fathers Day Gifts - Tissot Watch Northern IrelandFathers Day Gifts - Tissot Watch Northern Ireland

The blue and white version comes with two straps and is priced at £250.00  The other model has a sporty red and black strap is £290.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland have a comprehensive range of Tissot watches. This year Fathers Day is celebrated in Northern Ireland on Sunday 21st June. Give something special with a designer watch.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena love luxury watch brand Tissot. Tissot has been pioneering craftsmanship and innovation since its foundation in 1853. Today Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch producer and distributor. The company has always had its home in the Swiss watchmaking town of Le Locle in the Jura Mountains but now also has a presence in 160 countries.

TISSOT T064_210_22_011_00 TISSOT T065_430_11_031_00 TISSOT T084_210_22_117_00

The Tissot innovation leadership is enabled by the development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality. With a broader, more versatile range of high-quality timepieces at an attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand, Tissot also expresses its commitment to making excellence accessible.

TISSOT T091_420_46_051_01TISSOT T039_417_11_057_02

At Robert Adair Jewellers we love this watch brand because it is well made, well designed and, for a luxury watch, well priced. We love their range which is suitable for everyone from sports stars to fashion bloggers, rally drivers to teachers and all in between. If you are considering a new watch be sure to pop in with us a Robert Adair Jewellers on Mill Street, Ballymena and try on a Tissot watch for size.

Jewellery Latest know that Valentines Day is a very important date on a jewellers calendar. In 2013 consumers in America spent over $4 Billion on jewellery for a Valentines day gift for their loved one and we guess that this year will be no exception.

Diamonds, gold and silver are the perfect present for a lady on Valentines Day but what about your man? Jewellers have great ranges designed for men which would be the perfect unexpected gift for your husband or boyfriend this year.

Consider getting your man a ring. Avoid anything that looks too like a wedding band and opt for something modern and durable like Titanium. Titanium rings are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, hypo allergenic and really strong. Perfect for any man who works with his hands or loves the outdoors.

If he wouldn’t wear a ring then look out for a gorgeous watch. Men’s watches come in all forms from classic with leather straps, to sports watches. We suggest you go for something classic from a brand like Tissot, which he can wear every day or keep for a special occasion.


Or for the man who has everything consider searching out something a little more unique. A Rolex watch would be the ultimate gift but at a very high price. Did you know that many jewellers offer pre-owned Rolex watches which are sold with the box and certification at a more reasonable price? A Pre-owned Rolex is defiantly worth looking into for you loved one. We at Jewellery Latest are sure that it beats the usual aftershave and sock combination this Valentines Day.

Jewellery Latest love these Rose Gold watches from Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena. They tell us that chunky rose gold accessories are in fashion and have these great examples to choose from.


Robert Adair Jewellers have a great selection from leading brands, starting from under £100.00. Call in with Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena today to get a rose gold watch for someone special, or even as a treat for yourself! 

Pre-owned Rolex watch – Ballymena

mcc —  December 9, 2014

Robert Adair Jewellers have a comprehensive range of the most popular Rolex pre-owned watches which have all been refinished and refurbished as new. Each watch is sold with a 1 year warranty complete with the original Rolex box and documents. Rolex is a luxury brand which is world-famous for its performance and reliability and at Robert Adair Jewellers you can own a beautiful time piece at a great price.


New preowned Rolex just arrived starting from £1900.00.  Our new models include –  Rolex GMT Master 2 (all stainless steel), Ladies 18ct gold Date just bracelet watch (really excellent value contact us for a price) and the Rolex GMT Master  2 two colour (18ct gold and stainless steel).

Buying a Pre-owned Rolex watch is a wonderful investment to make. Robert Adair Jewellers will, if requested, buy back Rolex watches in the future. Robert Adair Jewellers are located at Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena and are the perfect place to choose your pre owned Rolex watch.


Max Watches – Ballymena

mcc —  November 5, 2014

Ballymena Jewellers Robert Adairs love Max Watches. Max Watches are one of the latest new brands to be sold at Robert Adai Jewellers and we are sure they are going to fly out of the shop.MaxBanner

MAX watches were established in 2006 and have been at the forefront of the ‘oversized’ fashion. A youthful twist on the traditional, there is a style and colour to suit everyone.

MAX XL watches exhale power, energy and beauty. Its strong appearance and superb quality in all materials used is what ensures maximum identity.Designed and created in the Netherlands, MAX XL is proud to wear the label Dutch Design. The MAX XXS series has been added to the collection; extra small for smaller wrists! At MAX we unite performance, fashion and quality to create the ultimate MAX. (From the Max Watches website).

Shop front 1 22.1.14 (3)


Perfect for a special gift or a good update for your wardrobe, call in with Robert Adair Jewellers on Mill Street in Ballymena to try on a MAX Watch.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena can perform pressure tests on Water resistant watches to ensure that they are still performing well. For a small extra charge Robert Adair Jewellers can test watches after they have had batteries replaced or after any other work has been done. Most good quality watches are water resistant but through time and certainly after a battery change the seals can be compromised, so after a new battery has been fitted it is important that the case is resealed and pressure tested with the correct equipment.  This is vitally important if the watch is used in water on a regular basis

Robert Adair Jewellers are one of the few Jewellers who have a watchmaker on the premises with the knowledge and equipment to pressure test and reseal your water resistant watch.


Pressure testing is a complex process which takes many steps and can only be carried out by a trained professional. Your watch is sealed into a chamber where air is pumped in, and the watch is monitored as the air pressure rises.

If you have invested in a Rolex or other quality watch which offers water resistance then be sure to use Robert Adair Jewellers for any work or battery changes that you may need. This will ensure that your watch is performing in the way it should and that your water resistance hasn’t been compromised by any work that has been done.

Bring your watch to Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena to ensure that it is pressure tested and performing as well as the day you bought it.

Robert Adair Jewellers, Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

adiars-300x225     adairs

Michel Herbelin watches are sold by Ballymena jeweller Robert Adair. Based in Ballymena in Northern Ireland, Robert Adair Jewellers is renowned for stocking the best brands like Michel Herbelin watches.

Michel Herbelin carries on the finest watchmaking traditions, allying the latest technology with skills honed over the generations. Every Michel Herbelin creation is a unique piece featuring the very best Swiss movements and the painstaking work of master craftsmen. The Michel Herbelin have shared a blog posts about how they build their luxury watches.

IMG_3241-1024x682 3270-682x1024

From hand drawn design to the engineering stage Michel Herbelin watches are all manufactured onsite to the highest quality.


To see more about behind the scenes at the Michel Herbelin watch factory click here.

Visit Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland to see a Michel Herbelin watch and try one one. Robert Adair Jewellers stock both women and mens watches by this top quality brand and are happy to advise you about which watch is best for you.

Robert Adair Jewellers, Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

adiars-300x225     adairs
Michel Herbelin – Robert Adair Jewellers – Ballymena

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena have lots of beautiful Fathers Day gift ideas. Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena have a beautiful selection of watches, including pre-owned and reconditioned Rolex watches for the man who “has everything”.


Robert Adair Jewellers have something for every age and price range.

Just call in with the staff at Robert Adair Jeweller and pick up the perfect gift. Make it extra special with a personalised message. Our in-house workshop enables us to offer a free engraving service on any gift item we sell. We look forward to helping you pick out the perfect gift for your Dad this Fathers Day. Robert Adair Jewellers is on Mill Street in Ballymena.

adiars-300x225     adairs

Robert Adair Jewellery – Gifts – Fathers Day – Ballymena