Reverie Diamonds – Northern Ireland

mcc —  September 18, 2015

Reverie Diamonds are a new range of diamond rings and they are available in Northern Ireland. The rings are made by expert craftsmen and with the best of materials and precious metals. A Reverie Diamond ring really is a dream come true.

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Each Reverie Diamond ring is beautifully made using the most precious materials. Each diamond has been carefully selected for its beauty and character, providing the owner with their very own unique Reverie Diamond ring. Although diamonds are the most romantic and precious of gemstones, that should not mean that they also have to be the most costly.

Reverie Diamonds have an extraordinary setting, created to provide the most supreme and ultimate sparkle, in which a diamond weight of 1 carat will produce the dazzling look of a 3 carat diamond.

Reverie Rings are cleverly constructed to make the most of your diamond. The way the diamonds are set and the design of the jewellery makes the diamond look larger than it is and with lots of sparkle!

If you are buying an engagement ring or a diamond ring for a special occasion it can be difficult to know which diamonds have been responsibly source and which haven’t. When you buy from Reverie Diamonds you can be confident that you diamond has been mined in a responsible way and that it has come from a reputable supplier.

Prices are from £1500 to £3500 and Reverie Diamond rings are available in all precious metals. Reverie Diamond rings are stocked by Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.