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Reverie Diamonds – Northern Ireland

mcc —  September 18, 2015

Reverie Diamonds are a new range of diamond rings and they are available in Northern Ireland. The rings are made by expert craftsmen and with the best of materials and precious metals. A Reverie Diamond ring really is a dream come true.

Reverie Diamonds – Northern IrelandR1010D1 KG9W-1

Each Reverie Diamond ring is beautifully made using the most precious materials. Each diamond has been carefully selected for its beauty and character, providing the owner with their very own unique Reverie Diamond ring. Although diamonds are the most romantic and precious of gemstones, that should not mean that they also have to be the most costly.

Reverie Diamonds have an extraordinary setting, created to provide the most supreme and ultimate sparkle, in which a diamond weight of 1 carat will produce the dazzling look of a 3 carat diamond.

Reverie Rings are cleverly constructed to make the most of your diamond. The way the diamonds are set and the design of the jewellery makes the diamond look larger than it is and with lots of sparkle!

If you are buying an engagement ring or a diamond ring for a special occasion it can be difficult to know which diamonds have been responsibly source and which haven’t. When you buy from Reverie Diamonds you can be confident that you diamond has been mined in a responsible way and that it has come from a reputable supplier.

Prices are from £1500 to £3500 and Reverie Diamond rings are available in all precious metals. Reverie Diamond rings are stocked by Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Fathers Day Gifts are hard to choose but we at Jewellery Latest know that a Watch is better than another year of socks and aftershave. Your dad could enjoy a new watch and he could treasure it for life. 

A Nato Strap adds an edge to the Tissot Quickster

Trendsetters will be delighted to hear that the Tissot Quickster has received a cool new update. It is now available on a NATO strap, a practical and stylish accessory that can effortlessly withstand extreme circumstances while still looking good. The style of the strap owes its name to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The canvas straps have an illustrious history – used by British pilots and the army in the Second World War, they were toughened up by replacing the typical spring bar attachments with fixed bars fused into place. This meant that only one piece of fabric was needed for the strap, so if one of the bars should break under the pressure of combat, the watch would stay on the wrist as one side would remain attached to the case. This easy functionality adds a new dynamic to the Tissot Quickster, fortifying the popular piece and adding a very desirable aesthetic that’s casual, tough and trendy. A straightforward design uses a hardy fabric and stainless steel buckle fro no-frills look, while a range of colours means wearers can choose the colour that best reflects their personality.

 Fathers Day Gifts - Tissot Watch Northern IrelandFathers Day Gifts - Tissot Watch Northern Ireland

The blue and white version comes with two straps and is priced at £250.00  The other model has a sporty red and black strap is £290.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland have a comprehensive range of Tissot watches. This year Fathers Day is celebrated in Northern Ireland on Sunday 21st June. Give something special with a designer watch.

Ice Watches – Ballymena

mcc —  September 9, 2014

Jewellery Latest love this video from Ice Watches which shows the craftsmanship which is behind these beautiful watches. Ice Watches are on sale in Ballymena at Robert Adair Jewellers.

Ice Watches are full of personality – they are bright, fun, durable and attractive. You can find out more about Ice Watches by clicking here to follow their Facebook Page.


via Ice Watches Faecbook Page

To view a range of Ice Watches in Ballymena call in with Robert Adair Jewellers. They can be found on Mill Street in Ballymena. Click here to visit the Robert Adair website.

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena have lots of beautiful Fathers Day gift ideas. Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena have a beautiful selection of watches, including pre-owned and reconditioned Rolex watches for the man who “has everything”.


Robert Adair Jewellers have something for every age and price range.

Just call in with the staff at Robert Adair Jeweller and pick up the perfect gift. Make it extra special with a personalised message. Our in-house workshop enables us to offer a free engraving service on any gift item we sell. We look forward to helping you pick out the perfect gift for your Dad this Fathers Day. Robert Adair Jewellers is on Mill Street in Ballymena.

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Robert Adair Jewellery – Gifts – Fathers Day – Ballymena

In Northern Ireland you can trust Ballymena based Robert Adair Jewellers to repair, service and look after you precious clock. When you bring your clock or timepiece to Robert Adair Jewellers for repairs and maintenance, you can be assured that you are trusting your timepiece to experts with over 55 years of experience in this field of horology

For customers in the Co Antrim area, a home visit can be arranged, this service is especially useful if your timepiece is large or delicate. This enables a face to face meeting when the work required can be discussed and a provisional estimate to costs of repairs given. We can then dismantle and transport the clock without causing any damage.

Every clock is fully strip down for cleaning. To repair the damage caused by wear, all pivots are burnished and polished and all worn plates will be re-bushed. We can also obtain any missing or damaged parts including hands, pendulums, weights, bells, finials, glass domes, mercury barometer tubes and thermometers.
After the re-assembly of the time piece, it undergoes a period of testing to ensure that it is running correctly and keeping correct time. Large clocks are then delivered back to your home and set up to ensure everything is running smoothly.
Other services include
• Dial restoration for painted and enamelled dials
• Re-guilding clock cases
• Wheel and pinion cutting, made to original patterns
• Glass cutting for bevel-edged carriage clock cases, convex and shaped glasses, as well as barometer glasses.

Every clock we receive for repair is important to us, whether it’s the routine maintenance of a common mantel, wall clock, longcase clock, barometer, barograph or bringing back to life a treasured family heirloom, we treat each clock with very special care.

For further information on our clock repair service or to arrange a home visit contact Stuart Adair at Robert Adair Jewellers. T: (028) 2565 6896

front of shop

Stuart Adair

Robert Adair Jewellers

47/51 Mill Street


Clock repair – Service – Northern Ireland

Robert Adair Jewellers are working together with to support Ballymena businesses alongside local charities and organisations. By being part of the online community and featuring in Business Talk Ballymena Robert Adair Jewellers are committed to supporting local businesses and the local Ballymena community.


Click above to read the Business Talk Magazine, share it with your followers and friends, and find out more about Robert Adair Jewellers on Mill Street in Ballymena.

Business Talk Ballymena – Robert Adair Jewellers

Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena carry out Ear Piercing. At Robert Adair Jewellers you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and getting you ear pierced there is straight forward and is carried out by Stuart Adair who has been piercing ears for twenty years.

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has recently hit the red carpet sporting new short haircut which shows off some beautiful earrings.

Stuart Adair recommends getting your ear pierce by a professional jeweller;

“At Robert Adair Jewellers we only use 14ct gold earrings. Only 14ct gold earrings are used with a choice of either yellow or white gold 4mm ball studs available. We use of quality gold ear rings is essential to limit the chances of allergic reactions.”

Ear Rings

Stuart is happy to pierce a child’s ears from the age of seven with no upper age limit.

The ear piercing will only take about ten minutes from start to finish although Stuart will not rush as some people, particularly children, need that little extra reassurance and explanation about what is going to happen.

Remember at Robert Adair Jewellers we only use 14ct gold earrings and costs are very reasonable. Phone to make an ear piercing appointment with Stuart Adair at Robert Adair Jewellers. T: (028) 2565 6896

front of shop

Stuart Adair

Robert Adair Jewellers

47/51 Mill Street


Earrings – Piercing – Ballymena

Advice on Platinum and White Gold

mcc —  November 21, 2013

Here at Jewellery Latest we know Platinum and White Gold are incredible popular. If you are getting an engagement ring, wedding ring or jewellery you want to pick the best you can get for you money. So which is better; Platinum or White Gold?


For diamond rings we would generally advise a customer to purchase a platinum ring, however if the potential budget is below say £1000.00 it may be worth considering white gold which will then allow more emphasise to be put on diamond quality etc and not on the precious metal the ring is made from.  Modern white gold alloys have improved greatly over recent years with the newer metals having a much whiter appearence in their raw state, this is improved with a rhodium plating which Robert Adair Jewellers can re apply at any stage for a minimal charge.


Not only is Platinum the most valuable of all the precious metals, but it is one of the hardest and most durable.


Unlike white gold, platinum is a white metal through and through and even when it goes dull through wear, Robert Adair Jewellers have the facilities to have it re-polished as new.  So if you are considering a diamond ring then look for platinum.   For more advice and a selection of Platinum and White Gold Jewellery visit Robert Adair Jewellers in Mill Street, Ballymena.

adiars-300x225     adairs

Get advice instore from Stuart Adair of Robert Adair Jewellers.
Platinum – White Gold – Robert Adair Jewellers – Mill Street Ballymena

Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena offer pre-owned mens and ladies Rolex watches.

In Ballymena, Robert Adair Jewellers have a comprehensive range of the most popular Rolex pre-owned watches which have all been refinished and refurbished as new. Each watch is at least half the price of new models and are sold with a 1 year warranty complete with the original Rolex box and documents. Rolex is a luxury brand which is world-famous for its performance and reliability.

Untitled Untitled1

Buying a Pre-owned Rolex watch is a wonderful investment to make with preowned prices going up every year. Robert Adair Jewellers will, if requested, buy back Rolex watches in the future.

Any watch can be serviced by the workshop at Robert Adair Jewellers and the staff specialise in the service and maintenance of Rolex watches. When you buy a Rolex from Robert Adair Jewellers you can be confident that you are getting a top quality product and any aftercare which is required from a local familiar face.

For more information about Pre-owned Rolex Watches get in touch with Stuart at Robert Adair Jewellers.

Robert Adair Jewellers, Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

adiars-300x225     adairs
Pre owned Rolex – Robert Adair Jewellers – Ballymena

Mantel Clocks and Grandfather Clocks

mcc —  October 31, 2013

A Mantel Clock or Grandfather Clock may be what is missing from your living room. Modern interiors can look up to date and stylish while incorporating the traditional beauty of a high quality clock. Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena stock a variety of clocks. Here are some creative, inspiring interiors which have used traditional clocks and struck a wonderful balance of old and new.

For a beautiful selection of Mantel Clocks, and Grandfather Clocks visit Robert Adair Jewellers. they stock all leading brands including as Kieninger, Hermle, Knight and Gibbins and Comitti of London. A clock repair service in also available in the workshop of Robert Adair Jewellers which is located on Mill Street in Ballymena.

We are located at Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

adiars-300x225     adairs

Visit the Robert Adair Jewellers showroom for a quality clock for your home.