Ear Piercing Ballymena

Stuart Adair —  April 9, 2013

Professional Ear Piercing at Robert Adair Jewellers

Ear piercing at Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena is a relaxed and straight forward affair carried out by Stuart Adair who has been piercing ears for some twenty years.  

Only 14ct gold earrings are used with a choice of either yellow or white gold 4mm ball studs available.

Ear Rings

“At Robert Adair Jewellers we only use 14ct gold earrings”

The use of quality gold ear rings is essential to limit the chances of allergic reactions etc. Stuart is happy to pierce a childs ears from the age of seven with no upper age limit! (it’s never too late to get your ears pierced). The ear piercing will only take about ten minutes from start to finish although Stuart will not rush as some people, particularly children, need that little extra reassurance and explanation about what is going to happen. Remember at Robert Adair Jewellers we only use 14ct gold earrings and costs are very reasonable. It is always a good idea to ring and make an appointment to make sure Stuart is available at a time that suits you.

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