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Ear Piercing Ballymena

Stuart Adair —  April 9, 2013

Professional Ear Piercing at Robert Adair Jewellers

Ear piercing at Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena is a relaxed and straight forward affair carried out by Stuart Adair who has been piercing ears for some twenty years.  

Only 14ct gold earrings are used with a choice of either yellow or white gold 4mm ball studs available.

Ear Rings

“At Robert Adair Jewellers we only use 14ct gold earrings”

The use of quality gold ear rings is essential to limit the chances of allergic reactions etc. Stuart is happy to pierce a childs ears from the age of seven with no upper age limit! (it’s never too late to get your ears pierced). The ear piercing will only take about ten minutes from start to finish although Stuart will not rush as some people, particularly children, need that little extra reassurance and explanation about what is going to happen. Remember at Robert Adair Jewellers we only use 14ct gold earrings and costs are very reasonable. It is always a good idea to ring and make an appointment to make sure Stuart is available at a time that suits you.

Any other queries or questions please feel free to contact

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Stuart Adair

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Stuart Adair – – Ear Piercing  Ballymena

The price of Platinum and Gold has sky rocketed and is a cause for concern for both manufactures and retailers.

Manufacturing items such as diamond engagement rings and wedding bands has become more expensive.

Could Palladium be the new alternative? 

Palladium imageAt Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena we have found a gradual rise in the popularity of this precious metal with more and more of our customers seeking an affordable price range.


Palladium is 95% pure and is made up Ruthenium and Iridium, which are also platinum group metals. 

Palladium is a Platinum group metal and comes with many advantages.


For example:

    • It does not tarnish or lose whiteness when worn.
    • Palladium does not need to be rhodium plated like white gold
    • Palladium is harder wearing.
    • As it is a platinum group metal it makes the jewellery item hypo-allergenic
      with negligible nickel content
    • The colour of palladium is slightly darker than platinum making any set diamonds look more revealing.
    • Palladium is in the same price bracket as white gold but due to the price of gold rising and that Palladium is a less dense metal than gold it is less expensive.


Interesting facts – 

Palladium is actually rarer than Gold and may hold a higher value in the future, especially if it becomes sought after over Gold due to trends in the buying market.

From January 2010 Palladium has been officially recognised as a precious metal. If a Palladium design weighs more than 1 gram it is now a legal requirement for it to be hallmarked.

The symbol for Palladium is the Pallas Athene, the Greek Goddess of War, Wisdom and Crafts, after whom it was named. The mark was designed for use as part of the Palladium hallmark as shown below.

palladium hallmark

Like 9ct and 18ct gold there are two qualities of palladium available palladium 500 and palladium 950.  The 950 quality is almost pure palladium while the 500 standard comprises 50% palladium.

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Robert Adair Jewellers stock a full range of palladium rings in both 500 and 950 qualities, and would be more than happy to show you the range at their Ballymena premises on Mill Street.  If you have questions or would like more information on Palladium contact Stuart Adair on  028 25656896 or email 


Stuart Adair – – Palladium  Ballymena

Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena based on Mill Street offer a specialist watch battery replacement service for quality watches.


 Why pay £80.00+ to send your watch back to the manufacture when a quality battery fitting service is available locally


Our service includes:-


  • Batteries fitted by Swiss trained watchmaker
  • One hour service
  • Only quality Swiss made Renata batteries used 
  • All seals visually checked and replaced as necessary
  • 1 year guarantee on all battery replacements
  • Contacts cleaned and adjusted as necessary
  • Watch pressure testing available for a small extra charge
  • Postal service available (additional charge for insured return postage)
  • Batteries fitted to quality Swiss watches such as Omega Longines  Rado  Tissot  Tag Heure  etc



For more information on our professional  watch battery fitting and pressure checking service contact :-


Stuart Adair

Robert Adair Jewellers

47/51 Mill Street, Ballymena.



Robert Adair Jewellers

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