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Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring is a massive investment. In Northern Ireland Jewellers such as Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena can give you advice about diamonds, jewellery and top quality gifts.

Diamonds have been associate with engagement rings for many years. In fact diamonds became popular in the 1800’s but were still out of reach for most normal working people. At that time engagement rings featured intricate designs and lesser gem stones. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that clever marketing men who came up with the slogan “Diamonds are Forever”. Since then we have always associated diamonds with the ultimate sophistication, and timeless class.

Buying diamonds can be daunting and for most of us it will be a one time experience. Being informed about how diamonds are classified will help you to know that you are buying the best.

Robert Adair Jewellers have a great Diamond guide on their website which helps buyers to understand Clarity. Clarity refers to flaws, blemishes or inclusions of a diamond. The table below shows how diamonds are graded according to clarity.

Diamond Engagement Ring - Northern Ireland

Knowing these terms will help you to get the very best diamond for your money. Before looking into engagement rings be sure to set your budget – know what you can afford and have a look at what is on offer. Remember that you can also buy the diamond separately and have a setting designed. A bespoke diamond engagement ring will make for the ultimate proposal. In Northern Ireland Ballymena based Robert Adair Jewellers can show you the beautiful rings in their showroom and also help you to find a designer who will provide a bespoke creation for your loved one.


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At Jewellery Latest we know that lots of excited boyfriends are starting to plan the perfect proposal! Do the job right with a dazzling engagement ring.

single stone diaomnd set shoulders 14.5.13

Picking the right engagement ring can be a minefield. If your girlfriend has clear ideas about what she likes and you have discussed marriage seriously then take a trip to a jewellers and ask her what type of ring she likes the best.

  • Take note of whether she prefers gold or silver.
  • Does she like clusters of diamonds, or one simple stone.
  • Would she prefer a precious stone rather than a diamond – for example her birthstone.
  • Modern or classic design.

diamond ring (ruth)diamond ring with brill

Try to remember what she like the best and then don’t be scared to head into the jeweller for a look by yourself. The staff are there to help you navigate all the different rings and if you have some ideas it will make the progress go smoothly.

Try to smuggle in one of her own rings which will help you to work out what would be the best fit. Or try one of her ring on (secretly) and note which of your finger fits best. Then the jeweller can measure your finger and guess her ring size. Don’t forget that the ring can be resized afterwards to get the fit perfect.

Remember to hang on to the receipt just incase she has her heart set on something else so that you can change it over but we are pretty sure that these tips will help you to get your proposal right first time.

A huge range of Wedding Rings and Engagements rings are on offer at Robert Adair Jewellers.On your Wedding Day make sure that your Engagement Ring is looking its best at our Ballymena Jewellers. A gorgeous wedding, a new wedding ring and the perfect dress will all make your day perfect but don’t over look this little detail. At our workshop we are happy to repair, resize and clean your engagement ring and wedding ring to ensure that they will sparkle in your Wedding Album.


Once your rings are fitted and cleaned here are some tip to keep them shining;

  • Wear your jewellery when appropriate. Remove when gardening, cleaning, exercising or during any other rough physical work.
  • Try not to wear it overnight.
  • Don’t store jewellery near heating vents, on windowsills or in the bathroom.
  • Always use 100% cotton to clean jewellery.
  • Jewellery can be cleaned using hot soap water and a soft toothbrush. Be sure rinse completely and dry thoroughly.
  • If soapy water doesn’t clean a piece completely we recommend bringing it to a specialist.
  • Many gem stone and pearls can require specialist care and can be brought in for advice and help.

When cared for properly jewellery should always be eye-catching and impressive. Hopefully these jewellery cleaning tips will keep your pieces shining. Don’t let even the tiniest problem with your engagement ring spoil your Wedding Day. Bring your Rings into Robert Adair Jewellers to make sure they are proffesionally resized, repaired and cleaned. Contact Stuart Adair on 028 25656896 or email for more information.

We are located at Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

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Engagement & Wedding Ring – Repair, Resize, Clean – Ballymena

From stunning diamond solitaires, fabulous three stone rings or scintillating diamond clusters, there is a fine quality diamond engagement ring waiting for you to try on at Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena

Diamond ring and matching wedding ring Emerald cut single stone

Style of Engagement Ring

Styles of rings are many and varied with a range of rings continually expanding as modern trends develop.  Robert Adairs take great care in choosing their rings to ensure that they can offer each customer the style of ring they want, at a price they can afford.

Platinum is very much the metal of choice at the moment, closely followed by white gold, and while most of the ladies have their hearts set on all diamonds, gemstone rings with emerald ruby and sapphire are still requested.  When it comes to a simple single diamond rings we always let the diamond do the talking only using diamonds which are cut to perfection to give the most fire and scintillation.  All qualities are available to suit every budget.  At the moment there is a trend towards a style of ring sometimes know as the halo setting.  This setting comprises a centre diamond, in any shape of cut, which is bordered by a separate row of micro set diamonds .  This setting emphasises the size of the main diamond and gives a fantastic effect of fire and sparkle, which is what a diamond should be all about.  Many settings now combine micro set diamonds in the shoulders and sides of the ring giving a lovely display and leading the eye
up to the main stones in the ring.  All of Robert Adair Jewellers Ballymena engagement rings can be supplied with matching plain or diamond set wedding rings and are available in gold, white gold, platinum and palladium.

Single stone diamond set shoulders                     Three stone ring

Design of Engagement Ring

If its something unusual, distinctive or unique you have in mind Robert Adairs have many variations of traditional designs as well as ranges of beautiful engagement rings which are exclusive to Adairs Jewellera.  All rings can be tailored to suit an individuals requirements both in terms of diamond size and price.  If a more personalised ring is required, then with the advice of the sales team a ring can be created to your own specification and a design viewed by CAD before any decisions are made.

Choosing a diamond can be a daunting affair, but not at Robert Adairs where you can sit down in privacy and discuss styles prices and all the options available.  Advice can be given on cut, colour clarity and carat weight and certified stones all important information, but explained in a simple down to earth manner.  You can also be safe in the knowledge that an after sales service second to none is available, with a fully fitted workshop on the premises most rings can be adjusted in a matter of hours.


For more information on Robert Adair Jewellers engagement rings and diamonds, contact Stuart Adair on 028 25656896 or email


Halo setting with wedding ring

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