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Jewellery Latest know that Valentines Day is a popular day for people to get engaged. If you are planning to get down on one knee with a diamond engagement ring this Valentines Day then make sure you visit Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena.

Over the past years a trend has grown to put together a romantic personalised proposal. Here is our favourite proposal from last year, it didn’t happen on Valentines Day but it certainly is romantic. Toby themed his proposal around Tasha’s favourite film “Up”. All photographs were taken by navyblur.





Congratulations to Toby and Tasha! See the full proposal unfold on navyblur’s blog.

For a romantic Valentines day gift or a diamond engagement ring call in at Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena where the staff will be able to help you find exactly what you want. Alterations can be done at in the on-site workshop, which you can read about here, and we stock a large range of Diamonds, Rings and other jewellery which would be the perfect Valentines gift this year.

Robert Adair Jewellers, Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

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Diamond Engagement Ring – Robert Adair Jewellers – Ballymena

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena are renowned for their excellent customer service which is boosted by their in-house workshop where the friendly staff can deal with any of your jewellery or horological problems. Any customer who buys a quality clock or watch can rest assured that future maintenance and servicing can be carried out in house – something very rare in a retail jewellers today. All sorts of jewellery repairs can be undertaken, from joining a simple silver chain to altering the size of a valuable diamond ring.


  • If any item purchased from Robert Adair Jewellers needs an adjustment in order to get the perfect fit Robert Adair Jewellers are equipped to shorten or lengthen chains, resize rings and adjust watch straps in their in-house workshop, free of charge.
  • Robert Adairs offer free engraving with any purchase. This is a lovely way to personalise a gift or highlight a special date or life changing occasion.
  • Does your jewellery need cleaned and polished or your watch need a service?  We can carry this out in the Robert Adair in-house workshop.
  • Is your white gold jewellery looking a little jaded? Robert Adair Jewellers can have these items polished and re-rhodium plated & polished to look like new again.
  • If you’ve just bought that special gift from Robert Adair jewellers, the staff will gift wrap it free of charge.

Visit Robert Adair Jewellers to see their beautiful selection of jewellery, watches and clocks. You can be confident that Stuart Adair and his staff are on hand to help you pick the perfect piece and of course to keep it sparkling or running to perfection for many years to come

Visit their their store at Mill Street, Ballymena or for more information.

Robert Adair Jewellers are working together with to support Ballymena businesses alongside local charities and organisations. By being part of the online community and featuring in Business Talk Ballymena Robert Adair Jewellers are committed to supporting local businesses and the local Ballymena community.


Click above to read the Business Talk Magazine, share it with your followers and friends, and find out more about Robert Adair Jewellers on Mill Street in Ballymena.

Business Talk Ballymena – Robert Adair Jewellers

Advice on Platinum and White Gold

mcc —  November 21, 2013

Here at Jewellery Latest we know Platinum and White Gold are incredible popular. If you are getting an engagement ring, wedding ring or jewellery you want to pick the best you can get for you money. So which is better; Platinum or White Gold?


For diamond rings we would generally advise a customer to purchase a platinum ring, however if the potential budget is below say £1000.00 it may be worth considering white gold which will then allow more emphasise to be put on diamond quality etc and not on the precious metal the ring is made from.  Modern white gold alloys have improved greatly over recent years with the newer metals having a much whiter appearence in their raw state, this is improved with a rhodium plating which Robert Adair Jewellers can re apply at any stage for a minimal charge.


Not only is Platinum the most valuable of all the precious metals, but it is one of the hardest and most durable.


Unlike white gold, platinum is a white metal through and through and even when it goes dull through wear, Robert Adair Jewellers have the facilities to have it re-polished as new.  So if you are considering a diamond ring then look for platinum.   For more advice and a selection of Platinum and White Gold Jewellery visit Robert Adair Jewellers in Mill Street, Ballymena.

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Get advice instore from Stuart Adair of Robert Adair Jewellers.
Platinum – White Gold – Robert Adair Jewellers – Mill Street Ballymena

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena have a beautiful range of jewellery for you to pick from this Christmas.

Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Watches and Clocks are all available from Robert Adair Jewellers.They also stock a beautiful range of gifts including pocket watches, jewellery boxes and picture frames.

Whether it is Diamonds, Pearls, Silver or Gold the staff at Robert Adairs in Ballymena will be able to help you find the prefect piece of jewellery. It may be a gift for a loved one, or just a treat for yourself. We will be putting CARAT* jewellery on our Christmas list because it’s fun, colourful and unique.



Call in to see the full CARAT* range and even try some things on to help you choose. Dedicated to staff will be able to help you no matter what your budget is. For the perfect Christmas gift visit Robert Adair Jewellers, Ballymena located at 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

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How to choose a Diamond

mcc —  September 19, 2013

Jewellery latest have been offering advice on how to buy a diamond. There a four categories which ave been written about here and here.

The final category is Carat weight.

Carat Weight
A carat is the unit by which a diamond is measured. With diamonds bigger is indeed better but mainly because large diamonds are much less common than small diamonds. Large diamonds are much more expensive than smaller ones. Here are some hints to help you decide what size of diamond to buy.

  • Determine your budget.
  • Deciding on carat size is really about striking a balance between size and quality. If you are looking for a larger stone you may need to compromise on the clarity and cut in order to make it affordable and vice versa.
  • Try on different sizes and see what suits best. If it is a diamond ring, slender fingers make a diamond look bigger. Your jeweller can offer you advice.
  • Think about what sort of setting will hold the diamond. You’ll have to be sure that the setting you choose is made to fit the carat weight of your diamond.

There is also a Fifth C when you are serious about buying diamonds, Certificates. A grading report or diamond certificate should be available to allow you to make sure you have bought the right diamond for you.
Whether it is a gift, heirloom or for you engagement or wedding, Robert Adair Jewellers can help you find your perfect diamond.

We are located at Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

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Visit the Robert Adair Jewellers showroom at Mill Street in Ballymena.

How to choose a Diamond

mcc —  September 16, 2013

Choosing a diamond with the help of advice from Jewellery Latest means that you are informed and more confident abut what to look for in your diamond. as discussed in the past few posts there are four c’s to consider when buying a diamond.

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat weight

A Colourless diamond is the most desirable since it allows the most refraction of light causing the much sought after sparkle. The colour of a diamond refers to the absence of colour in the stone. Colour appears as the diamond is naturally formed and can never be added of taken away – it never changes. The clearer the diamond the better as it allows more light to pass through it and be reflected.

To grade ‘whiteness’ or colourlessness, most jewellers refer to GIA’s professional colour scale that begins with the highest rating of D for colourless, and travels down the alphabet to grade stones with traces of very faint or light yellowish or brownish colour. The colour scale continues all the way to Z. The closer to an D grade – the better the diamond.

Visit Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena to see our diamonds.

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Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena offer advice and help when picking your jewellery. They stock a range of high quality diamonds. Call in with Robert Adairs Jewellers in Ballymena.

How to choose a Diamond

mcc —  September 13, 2013

Jewellery Latest offer advice on how to spot a good diamond. Cut is the most important factor as discussed here.

The “four Cs” of diamonds which are considered the most important grades and categories:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat weight


Because Diamond is a natural substance it can form with flaws, blemishes or inclusions. For the best diamond it should have as few flaws a as possible. The number and size of inclusions or blemishes can effect the grade of the diamond. Most flaws are invisible to the naked eye but can stop light from reflecting perfectly off the cut surfaces of the diamond. Diamonds are graded for clarity under 10x loupe magnification.

  • F
    Flawless: No internal or external flaws. Extremely rare.
  • IF
    Internally Flawless: no internal flaws, but some surface flaws. Very rare.
  • VVS1-VVS2
    Very Very Slightly Included (two grades). Minute inclusions very difficult to detect under 10x magnification by a trained gemologist.
  • VS1-VS2
    Very Slightly Included (two grades). Minute inclusions seen only with difficulty under 10x magnification.
  • SI1-SI2
    Slightly Included (two grades). Minute inclusions more easily detected under 10x magnification.

Richard Burton famously gave Elizabeth taylor an internally flawless diamond in a ring setting called the Krupp Diamond.


While most of us could never buy a flawless diamond, a good jeweller should ensure that we get the best graded stone for our money. Robert Adair Jewellers can help you to buy the best diamond. Jewellery should be an investment.

We are located at Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

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Call in to Robert Adair Jewellers to get advice on buying diamonds.


How to choose a Diamond

mcc —  September 11, 2013

Jewellery Latest love diamond jewellery and it is important to know how your diamond is graded and categorised before it makes its way into your jewellery box. When buying a diamond, Jewellery Lastest wants you to be well informed to make sure you get the best product for your money. The Diamond Buying Guide provides some useful information;

Learning about diamonds means learning about the “four Cs” of diamonds which are considered the most important grades and categories:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat weight

Cut is probably the most important, and most challenging, of the four Cs to understand. The brilliance of a diamond depends heavily on its cut.

The shape of a diamond is totally different to its cut – the shape is described as round, pear etc. the cut refers to a diamonds reflective qualities – it is what makes it sparkle. When a diamond is well cut, it will be well proportioned and light will enter the diamond and reflect back off all the cut planes to make it flash and sparkle. This is called ‘ideal’. Other cuts may be too shallow or too deep. There are different grades of cut;

diagram from

  • Ideal
  • Premium
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair & Poor.

Ideal gives the best cut, proportions and dazzling effect while good, fair & poor have less light reflected meaning they are more inexpensive and cost saving.

Jewellers use this criteria in order to make sure you get the best diamond for your budget. Jewellery Latest recommends going to a professional jeweller who can use their expertise to grade you the perfect diamond.

Robert Adair Jewellers are happy to help you pick out a diamond that has an outstanding cut. Have confidence from the years of experience and expertise Robert Adair Jewellers have with Diamond rings and Jewellery.

We are located at Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena and have some beautiful pieces for your to browse and try on.

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Choosing a diamond – Robert Adair

A huge range of Wedding Rings and Engagements rings are on offer at Robert Adair Jewellers.On your Wedding Day make sure that your Engagement Ring is looking its best at our Ballymena Jewellers. A gorgeous wedding, a new wedding ring and the perfect dress will all make your day perfect but don’t over look this little detail. At our workshop we are happy to repair, resize and clean your engagement ring and wedding ring to ensure that they will sparkle in your Wedding Album.


Once your rings are fitted and cleaned here are some tip to keep them shining;

  • Wear your jewellery when appropriate. Remove when gardening, cleaning, exercising or during any other rough physical work.
  • Try not to wear it overnight.
  • Don’t store jewellery near heating vents, on windowsills or in the bathroom.
  • Always use 100% cotton to clean jewellery.
  • Jewellery can be cleaned using hot soap water and a soft toothbrush. Be sure rinse completely and dry thoroughly.
  • If soapy water doesn’t clean a piece completely we recommend bringing it to a specialist.
  • Many gem stone and pearls can require specialist care and can be brought in for advice and help.

When cared for properly jewellery should always be eye-catching and impressive. Hopefully these jewellery cleaning tips will keep your pieces shining. Don’t let even the tiniest problem with your engagement ring spoil your Wedding Day. Bring your Rings into Robert Adair Jewellers to make sure they are proffesionally resized, repaired and cleaned. Contact Stuart Adair on 028 25656896 or email for more information.

We are located at Diamond House, 47-51 Mill Street, Ballymena.

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Engagement & Wedding Ring – Repair, Resize, Clean – Ballymena